Scuba Buoyancy Compensator

Aqualung, The Essential Package

Aqualung, The Essential Package
Aqualung, The Essential Package
Aqualung, The Essential Package
Aqualung, The Essential Package
Aqualung, The Essential Package
Aqualung, The Essential Package
Aqualung, The Essential Package
Aqualung, The Essential Package

Aqualung, The Essential Package    Aqualung, The Essential Package

1'st Stage - 2'nd Stage - Octopus Regulators - LP Hoses - Instrument Console - HP Hose - BCD - LP QD Hose - Owner Manuals. Buoyancy compensator devices, or BCDs, are an important type of diving gear. They help divers maintain neutral buoyancy while exploring beneath the water's surface. Aqualung has innovated BCD product options to offer you safety and comfort wherever you choose to dive.

Aqualung has designed jacket, back, and hybrid inflation BCD products for recreational and professional scuba divers alike. Each BCD incorporates Aqualung's innovative technologies to ensure you have everything you need for an enjoyable dive. The Aqualung Pro BC is a wrap-around jacket design packed with tons of features such as large, easy to-access utility pockets, scooped octo-pocket for easy octopus regulator storage, 3 D-rings to handle all your accessories, and flat valves to reduce drag. With its advanced ResisteK material that resists fading and abrasion, it will hold up to the rigors of salt and chlorine and retain its good looks.

All these great features coupled with its aggressive price make the Pro the perfect BC for all your adventures. A proprietary backpack has a built in carrying handle. A large, easy-to-access utility pocket with zipper closure is found on each side of the Pro. The waistband is adjustable in the back to accommodate a wide range of waist sizes.

A tank positioning strap allows you to set the Pro at your preferred height each time. BCD features 1 stainless steel and 2 plastic D-rings.

Right shoulder pull dump is easy to locate and use and the lower rear dump is ideal when in a head down or horizontal position. All pull dumps have large pull bobs that are easy to locate and grip while wearing gloves. Adjustable chest strap for personal comfort. The Aqualung Pro BCD provides a lift capacity of 24 lbs.

(10.9 kg to 25kg) depending on size. The Pro comes equipped with Aqualungs Power Line Inflator with an increased fill rate which is now, one of the highest air flows in the industry. The Power Line is an environmentally sealed unit for less maintenance, has integrated hose clips for attachment to the LP hose for a streamline and low profile. The inflator is equipped with a cable activated rapid exhaust at the top, simply pull down on lower unit to dump air. BC comes with a low pressure 3/8 threaded hose, and an owner's manual.

The updated Titan regulator integrates the lightweight feel, rugged durability and easy-to-breathe functionality of its predecessors. It offers excellent performance and easy maintenance. The balanced diaphragm mechanism allows for ease of breathing and consistent performance while protecting internal moving parts from the environment. The T-Shape design is compact & provides optimal hose routing. The unique forged body uses less brass, making it more compact and lighter. The polyurethane outer skin protects metallic parts from shocks. The four 3/8" UNF MP and two 7/16" UNF HP ports are perfectly positioned to for streamlined hose positioning. The open yoke screw helps avoid water retention. The downstream demand valve ABS housing second stage regulator comes with a unique Comfo-Bite mouthpiece, that reduces jaw fatigue. The removable and reusable clip facilitates quick and easy mouthpiece changes. With few components and easy access to the exhaust valve through a clipped deflector, maintenance is easy. The Venturi knob offers effective adjustments using an ergonomic design for easy use, even with gloves. The polyurethane purge cover offers significant abrasion and tear-resistance, protects from shocks, allows for easy water purging, and decreases inhalation effort. Side openings prevent free flow when facing into currents or riding a scooter. Reinforced polycarbonate makes the second stage stronger.

The Deflector splits up bubbles to decrease noise and protect the valve from expiration. The ABS Octopus combines good breathing performance with the benefits of a low-profile body style. Unique 120 Degree angle between hose and mouthpiece: This Aqualung innovation is ideal for giving your octopus to a buddy - works in either right hand or left hand positions. No more sharp bends in the hose or upside down octopuses in the mouth. 39 (99cm) yellow hose easily distinguishes your ABS hose from your primary hose.

This high visibility hose is easily spotted in case of an out-of-air emergency. Exceeds CE breathing requirements for regulators.

Versatile design allows proper function when right side up or upside down. Custom quick-release mounting clip keeps the ABS properly located on the body at-all-times.

Reliable downstream demand valve mechanism, and is compatible with up to 40% O2 right out of the box. Has silicone mouthpiece with ergonomic bite wings. Its effortless approach and versatility give you the ability to dive right in. It exceeds expectations with many features such as its easy-to-use interface, flexible operating modes, built-in backlight and user-changeable battery with data retention. The i300 carries all of these features with a ruggedness that you can count on. And with effortless design, such as a water-activated on switch, it gets you right in the water and descending to your next adventure. 4 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer), and Free Dive. Backlighting for easy reading in low light. Audible alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning light for additional safety. Pre-Dive planning feature allows a preview of your next dive. Single button access to last dive display (max depth and bottom time). History Mode includes total number of dives, max depth, total dive hours, and lowest temperature.

Depth readout to 330' (100 m). Nitrox mix to 50% O2. Optional deep stop with countdown timer. Salt or fresh water dive selection.

Automatic altitude adjustment for accurate profile. Simple to use with DiverLog software on the Mac or PC platforms, which allows control of all your dive computer settings, view Log and Profile data, add location, notes and other details, as well as store and share photos & videos. Included with the computer are a digital instruction manual, safety reference information, DiverLog brochure, quick reference card, lens protector and battery compartment opening tool. The Aqualung Pressure Gauge display is designed with such features as a luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light.

The Aqualung Pressure Gauge delivers both remaining air pressure and temperature in one easy-to-read display. Easy-to-read scale up to 5,000 psi rated.

Integrated temperature scale, Nitrox compatible up to 50%, Swiss made, shock resistant Bourdon tube, one way safety valve and a hose length of 36 (91.44cm). Product come with owner manuals. Complete Economical Life Support Package.

Includes BCD, Regulator w/Octopus and Instruments. Nitrox Ready to 40 Oxygen Out-of-the-Box.

Large, Easy to-Access Zippered Utility Pockets. Scooped Octo-Pocket for Easy Octopus Regulator Storage. 1 Stainless Steel and 2 Plastic D-Rings for Accessory Attachment.

Two Flat E-Valves: Right Shoulder and Lower Rear Reduce Drag and Keeps BC Streamlined One-Way Design to Keep Water-Out. Aqualungs Power Line Inflator: Increased Fill Rate One of the Highest Air Flows in the Industry Environmentally Sealed Unit, Less Maintenance Integrated-Hose Clips for Attachment of LP Hose Streamline and Low Profile Cable Activated Rapid Exhaust, Simply Pull-Down on Lower Unit to Dump Air. Air Cell: Advanced ResisteK Material Resists Fading and Abrasion.

Hold Up to Rigors of Salt and Chlorine Retain its Good Looks. Proprietary Backpack w/Built-In Carrying Handle.

Waistband Adjustable in Back, Accommodate Wide Range of Waist Sizes. Tank Positioning Strap: Allows You to Set BC at Preferred Height. (10.9kg) Small; 27 lbs.

(12.25kg) Medium; 29 lbs. (13.2kg) Medium-Large; 33 lbs. New-Innovation while Keeping its Excellent Value. Lightweight Feel, Rugged Durability and Easy-to-Breathe Functionality. Excellent Performance, Easy Maintenance at Affordable Price.

Compact Balanced Diaphragm First Stage. Chrome Plated Marine Grade Brass Construction. Delicate Internal Parts Not Exposed to Contaminants: Salt, Sand, Chlorine or Pool Acids. T-Shape: Less Brass, Lighter Weight, More-Compact. Four, 3/8 UNF LP Ports.

Two, 7/16 UNF HP Ports. Unique Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece, Reduces Jaw Fatigue. In-Line Venturi Knob Offers Effective and Progressive Adjustments. Polyurethane Purge Cover: Offers Significant Abrasion-and-Tear-Resistance Protects Shocks, Allows Easy Water Purging, and Decreases Inhalation Effort Side Openings Prevent Free Flow in Currents or Riding Scooter.

Reinforced Polycarbonate Makes Second Stage Stronger. Deflector Splits Up Bubbles, Decrease Noise & Protect Valve from Expiration. Reliable Downstream Demand Valve Mechanism. Easy to ID in Emergency: High Visibility Yellow Hose and Cover.

Good Breathing Performance w/Benefits of Low-Profile Body. Unique 120 Degree Angle Between Hose and Mouthpiece: Ideal for Giving Octopus to Buddy Works as Right or Left Hand Positions Upside Down or Right Side Up. No Sharp Bends in Hose or Upside-Down Octopuses.

Exceeds CE Breathing Requirements for Regulators. Silicone Mouthpiece w/Ergonomic Bite Wings. Complete Instrument Console w/Air Monitoring.

Exceeds Expectations: Easy-to-Use Interface Flexible Operating Modes Built-In Backlight User-Changeable Battery with Data Retention. Water-Activated On Switch: No-Worries Start to Dive. 4 Operating Modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer) Free Dive (tracks calculations to allow unrestricted switching between Dive and Free). Backlighting for Easy Reading in Low Light.

Audible Alarms & Additional High-Visibility LED Warning Light for Additional Safety. Optional Download Cable: Access to Latest Features and Upgrade (see SKU: UDRPCI550). Pre-Dive Planning Feature Allows Preview of Next Dive. Single Button Access to Last Dive Display (max depth and bottom time). History Mode: Total Number of Dives, Max Depth, Total Hours, & Lowest Temperature. Depth Readout: 330' (100 meters). Nitrox Mix to 50% O2. Optional Deep Stop w/Countdown Timer. Salt or Fresh Water Dive Selection. Simple to Use w/DiverLog Software on Mac or PC Platforms.

Control of All Dive Computer Settings: View Log and Profile Data Add Location, Notes and Other Details Store and Share Photos & Videos. Includes: Digital Instruction Manual Safety Reference Info DiverLog Brochure Quick Reference Card Lens Protector Battery Compartment Opening Tool. Delivers Both Remaining Air Pressure and Temperature. Easy-to-Read Scale Up to 5,000 psi Rated. Nitrox Compatible Up to 50%.

Swiss Made, Shock Resistant Bourdon Tube. Hose Length: 36 (91.44cm). Console Boot: Multiple Attachment Points for Clips and Lanyards.

First Stage; Chrome Plated Brass, Second Stages; ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane, Silicone. (10.9kg), Small; 27 lbs. (12.25kg), Medium; 29 lbs. (13.2kg), Medium-Large; 33 lbs. 2 Over-Pressure Relief/Dump Valves, 1 Cable Activated Pull Shoulder Dump. Yes, 1 and 2 Plastic. Adjustable Waist Strap and Cummerbund. Releasable: 20 to 30 lbs. (9 to 13.5kg), Non-Releasable: 10 lbs. 4 Operating Modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free Dive. Up to 5,000 psi. Feedback is a very powerful tool. It gives sellers a reason to conduct business at the highest level of honesty & respect. Many years ago Scuba was the first Internet-based divers supply company. We're still the number one store for scuba diving and snorkeling equipment. Thousands and thousands of satisfied customers swear by our service. Hours: Mon-Thu: 9:30-5:30, Friday: 9:30-12:30. Please do not request to have an item relisted if you do not see it any more. If we are able to relist, we will do so even without your request. We will not mark any package as a gift. You will get that automatically. We won't even ask why you've changed your mind. Please allow 2 days from the date we received the package for us to process your return.

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  • SIZE: Large
  • Brand: Aqualung
  • Manufacturer: Aqualung
  • First Stage Type: Diaphragm
  • For Whom: For Him
  • Gear Type: Complete BCD Kits

Aqualung, The Essential Package    Aqualung, The Essential Package